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June meeting will be via Zoom

The June 3rd, 2021 club meeting (and those following) will be conducted virtually using zoom. The meeting will start at 7:00 PM. The URL for the meeting will be emailed to members and friends, and published on our closed mail list. The URL will not be posted on our webpage or other publically accessible places due to zoombombing problems. Program: Field Day


Jacson County ARES (JC-ARES) Looking for Emergency Coordinator (EC) candidate

Jackson Co. ARES is looking for someone to fill the position of Emergency Coordinator (EC). JC-ARES is a 501c3 non profit and under the oversight of Jackson Co. Sheriff’s Search and Rescue. JC-ARES is making great progress, and needs someone with leadership experience at the helm. Please contact JC-ARES membership through


RVARC Reflector

RVARC maintains a club email reflector.

The reflector is private, the contents are viewable only by subscribers, and only subscribers can send email via the reflector. New club members are (when I remember) issued an invitation to join. (There are a few expired invitations).

As an RVARC club member, if you would like to join, please send an email to our club newsletter editor and membership chair: and say what email address you will be sending messages from.


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