Rogue Valley Amateur Radio Club

RVARC Reflector

RVARC maintains a club email reflector.

The reflector is private, the contents are viewable only by subscribers, and only subscribers can send email via the reflector. New club members are (when I remember) issued an invitation to join. (There are a few expired invitations).

As an RVARC club member, if you would like to join, please send an email to our club newsletter editor and membership chair: [email protected] and say what email address you will be sending messages from.

There are three ways that signed-up folks can send an email to the club:

  1. Send an email via the reflector: [email protected]
  2. reply-to an email sent from the reflector
  3. Go to the reflector webpage and create a new message:!forum/w7dta You can manage your membership options (opt in or out of reflector email, batch delivery or individual delivery, etc.)

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