Rogue Valley Amateur Radio Club

January Club Meeting

Thursday Jan 2 2020, 7:00 PM Medford Police Department Community Room 219 S. Ivy St., Medford, OR

Program: GQRX on Raspberry Pi 4

John Armstrong, KF7UMK will discuss the installation of GQRX on the Raspberry PI 4 computer. GQRX is an SDR interface program that will allow your RPI4 to control, process signals, listen, and display information from various different Software Defined Radios (SDRs). There will also be a demonstration using an RTL dongle as the receiver.

GQRX is an AM, FM and Single Side Band (SSB) software defined receiver implemented using GNU Radio and the Qt4 GUI toolkit. As a result it supports the Ettus USRP devices as well as OSMO SDR compatible radios (quite a few).

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